Opium (W) Yves St Laurent Type Fragrance Oil   - 1/3 Oz Bottle

Opium (W) Yves St Laurent Type Fragrance Oil - 1/3 Oz Bottle


Opium (W) Yves St Laurent Type Fragrance Oil



Launched in 1977, Opium is a classic fragrance from the house of Yves St Laurent. It is an addictive scent that is a clever blend of fruity notes like sweet plum and fresh peach, floral notes like romantic rose and jasmine, exotic notes like amber and myrrh, and spicy pepper and pimento.


This is the scent for a woman who is confident, feminine and bewitching. It is a classy, complex scent that can be worn to the opera or a heavy metal festival. 


Opium by Yves St Laurent has top notes of mandarin, bergamot, plum, Hesperides, clove, coriander, pepper, bay and pimento. It has heart notes of jasmine, rose, carnation, lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, peach orris, cinnamon, and myrrh.


It has base notes of vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, myrrh, opopanax, labdanum, benzoin, castoreum, amber, frankincense, must tolu, cedar, and vanilla.

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