Meditation Candles

Meditation Candles

Sacred Smudge Mediation Candles- Burning sage is a cleansing ritual known as smudging. It involves burning the herb in a manner that it fills the air with the scent of sage and clears the energy. It’s used to help people, places, and used for the practicing to ride negative energy. 

These healing candles are made for smudging, purification, spiritual awareness, stress relief, anxiety, soothing, creativity, and ultimately providing and energy boost.

Listing is for 1 (one) 6 tea light candles

Scents available are:
Tea Tree - fresh air, cleansed home
Lemongrass - ease anxiety
Sweet Orange - uplifts mood, healthy immune function
Lavender - peaceful sleep, ease stress and anxiety
Peppermint - stimulates mind, focus, and congestion 
Eucalyptus - clear mind and ease anxiety 
Spearmint - stress relief, promotes focus
Apple - balances emotions 
Chocolate - contribute to longevity and state of well-being
Coconut - healing 
Cupcake - just a sweet scent 
Vanilla - relaxation
Rose- femininity, self-love, & adoration
Jasmine- peace & tranquility
Frankincense- wealth, peace, relaxation, grounding, and connectedness