Herbal Sage Bundle

Herbal Sage Bundle

White Ceremonial SageINCI NAME: Salvia apianaWhite ceremonial sage has been used for centuries by Native Americans for its natural healing properties. The art of ‘saging’ has been passed from the Native Americans to others around the world to purify the home and rid the air of negative energies. Throughout history, people have used white sage to purify a home after an illness has passed through. If you put a few white sage leaves in a bowl and light the ends of the leaves, a fragrant white smoke will fill the air with its aromatherapeutic values. The fragrance alone is known to calm the senses, relieve stress and depression and help reduce fever and nausea. Grown in Southwestern U.S.A.Sage bundles are  made by tying  a bundle of sage leaves together with twine and create a ‘wand’ out of the sage. The herbs are placed to add additional medicinal and emotional benefits. Process: Pass through your house/ preferred space spreading the white smoke into every corner, clearing the air of impurities and filling your home with the fragrant smell. Keep your windows open! Your house will get very smoky. You can also ‘sage’ a person by tracing their outline with the smoke of the sage. This is a very common practice among Native American health practitioners.You can put white sage anywhere to give the room a soothing, fresh smell and to eliminate odors.  
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