Byredo: Seven Veils (U) Type 1/3 Oz

Byredo: Seven Veils (U) Type 1/3 Oz

0.33 Fluid ounces

The dance of the seven veils is a biblical story that is full of mystery, feminine power, and allure. The woman who performed it is popularly called Salome (which may or may not have been her name because she is not named in the Bible). Like Salome and her dance, Seven Veils by Byredo is a tantalizing cypher.


It is a shimmering, exotic blend of vanilla and flowers that teases the senses. It is more subtle than the name suggests. Instead of being full-on femme fatale it is a swirl of lays that are sheer yet opulent and gradually reveal themselves as they spin around you.


Ultimately, they reveal the feminine mystery within


**This fragrance is based on "types" or commercially known fragrances. It is not the real fragrance. **

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