Blue Nile Unisex Designer Fragrance- 1/3 Oz

Blue Nile Unisex Designer Fragrance- 1/3 Oz


Blue Nile Unisex Designer Fragrance- 1/3 Oz


The fertile Nile is the lifegiving water that Egyptian civilization grew from. Blue Nile Unisex Fragrance Oil was designed to remind the wearer of all the multitude of scented flowers that grow from the Nile.


It is a refreshing, floral scent with the floral essence strongly tempered by a stable base. It can be worn by both men and women. I can be worn from the fall through the spring. It makes a splendid scent for the summer night.


The floral background means that it is a good scent to wear to a spring picnic or day at the beach. This popular scent is consistently among our top 12 selling oils. Experience for yourself today



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