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From a westernized perspective, the beneficial properties of jewelry stop and ends at aesthetic pleasure. After years of white supremacy and colonialism, the thought of jewelry bringing good fortune/luck to those who wore it was reduced to mythology. The disrespect towards the cultural significance of jewelry is one of the most prevalent examples of internalized racism in society. Western society teaches us that these things are barbaric, that the cultures they represent are underdeveloped and uneducated. It is time that we unlearn this thinking, after all, sometimes the energy that needs to be addressed is ours.


Jewelry is as old as society itself and its significance varies from culture to culture. While we may be most familiar with using it as a status symbol ie. diamond necklaces, wedding rings, etc, jewelry is thought to have healing properties in many other cultures. Given the impact that capitalism has in American society and the overexaggerated monetized value to more conventional practices such as therapy, more and more people have turned holistic practices to either help or cope with their daily lives. For example, diffuser bracelets offer aromatherapy throughout the day. Aromatherapy offers benefits to overall physical and mental health using essential oils so these bracelets allow for both an aesthetic benefit and healing.

If you were to ask many people, they would tell you that a crystal is less valuable than a diamond because we were often taught that the value is only as high as its cost. We were conditioned to see things as their monetary value rather than the ways they enrich us as people. Wrapped crystals are a great example of this because they are relatively inexpensive but offer a connection between the wearer and the energetic properties of the crystal. Healing crystals have become more and more popular in pop culture, however, their meanings are sometimes misconstrued. While yes, they overall do change your energy for the better, sometimes it is your energy that needs to be improved and not the energy around you. You may go through many conflicts as your energy is being transformed so the key takeaway here is to always be ready for change because the change will always be for the better.


African cultures have for too long been looked down on and exploited by the western world. People would often gawk and scoff at the traditional practices however, they would take the aesthetic of it because everything that Africans do is unacceptable unless non-Africans can make money off of it. Waist beads are a symbol of fertility, femininity, and overall wellness in many African cultures and can be found in many practices. From a western perspective, we often see them as purely sexual because we have normalized anything associated with blackness as sexual deviance and while sensuality is a part of the significance of waist beads, they should be respected as more than just objects for sexual aesthetic and the cultures that they represent should be regarded with dignity. Moreover, they are being sold by people who are uninformed by their significance to people who are also uninformed which helped continue their cultural erasure in American society.

Jewelry can be purely aesthetic and it is totally cool if you are wearing it just to add more to your daily looks. There is also jewelry that serves the purpose of enriching our energy, physical and mental health, and daily lives. The connotations of wearable jewelry are even present in western society, given that things such as engagement rings, friendship bracelets, wedding rings, etc are used as symbols of commitment that make a bond stronger so is it really far-fetched to believe that jewelry can have healing properties? Visit Hidden TreaZures store to learn more and purchase these items and more for your overall wellness.

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